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2012 Christmas Letter: Extraordinary Lives, Extravagant Love

December 20, 2012 Dear friends and partners, Merry Christmas! With great joy in our hearts, we send overflowing love to you! Much has come to pass this year; through it all, God’s grace has held us strong. We thank so many of you for sharing this year’s opportunities to laugh, cry, bury, marry, move, and minister! We have done them all. What a year it has been! We hope you are connected with us online and have seen all the happenings as we go!  If you are not, please take a quick minute to link up right now while you are thinking of it; we love to communicate in "real time" with you! You can join us weekly by email newsletter, or daily on Facebook and Twitter. Our teaching, ministry, and missions websites are now all linked together and there are easy "connecting" buttons on each website. Our main website address is: Our custom is to send a year-end letter in January, but we feel strongly directed in...

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Drum Roll Please! We Have an Announcement!

Drum Roll Please! We Have an Announcement! What God Spoke In Our First 40 Days of 2012 (You might want to view this sitting down!) by Dr Ray and Michelle M Pearson It is almost inexpressible the excitement that we are feeling today as we sit down to write you. Many tears and prayers have flowed joyfully before knowing this is the time for release. This announcement is just a glimpse of the message we believe God has ordained for this day, this very hour, from voices joined across the globe. We have spent the past 40 Days seeking God, joined by a group of about 23 others, giving the tithe of our year and our first fruits of Spirit, Soul, and Body, seeking Him for His direction in  this year of 2012 and beyond, for His thoughts, His plans, His Way, so that ours agree with God. We feel enlarged. We feel excitement, trembling, and a great measure of awe. This is so BIG. Well, that’s how it...

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2011 Year End Partner Report

Dear friends and partners,   Greetings to you with great joy! It’s time again to share our annual ministry report with all of our partners, to rejoice over the year of victories, and to marvel at God’s goodness!  "Take courage and be bold! God is with us."  That was the charge God gave us at the end of last year.  Like many of you have expressed about your lives, it seemed like everything was on the line this past year. And, honestly, it was a big faith step at that moment of our lives just to continue on; yes, on reflection, it was perhaps the biggest step we have ever taken.  But, as we said then, and still believe today, never has it been more evident to us that together we carry the relevant, now message of the Gospel of the Kingdom – the good news that is health to His Body and hope to the world. So, like Joshua and Caleb, we stepped out even further to defy...

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