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Conquering Mt Kilimanjaro

Our thanks to all who have followed the Mt Kilimanjaro project! There will be more to come in future posts about the tales and times on Mt Kilimanjaro, but while we are regenerating in all areas, we hope you all enjoy the compilation video of photos taken by the 10 awesome team members!

Please take a minute to leave a comment after you watch – it does mean so much to all of us who were the feet for this whole team of Champions at The Picture of Health, Hands for the Harvest, The Joshua Groups and Team Unstoppable!

We give a huge thanks to our leadership team from GOD.TV and our other hikers on the team. Never have we witnessed such unity, perseverance, and faith under such challenging circumstances. And, since our feet stepped into the country, revival has begun in South Africa and doors are opening worldwide for new broadcast opportunities. That means more and more people hear the Gospel. That also means real help, healing, and hope is reaching those who are hurting. Now.

As you watch and listen to the prophetic act of conquering the mountain, remember… you are all mountain takers! Together, in faith, we can conquer the mountains in our lives, no matter how high they seem. And we are here to help you as you learn how!

Every step was taken in honor of each of you and remembering… God is greater than every test, trial and tragedy. And… although hiking to the summit of the world’s tallest free standing mountain is a great feat, greater still is the Love of God for you!

Oh yea, if it looks easy, remember that we wouldn’t be taking pictures in the toughest parts! It was brutal and absolutely majestic. But no matter how brutal it was, we already know that Tanzania is only the beginning! We will keep taking steps to stamp out trafficking and step up help to the charities who are taking real help and real hope across the globe.

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