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January 2013 Partner Update Letter

January 2013 Partner Update Letter

 Hands for the Harvest Ministries

Dr. Ray and Michelle Pearson

January 31, 2013 

Dear friends and partners,

It is our custom to send a special January letter to all those who have gifted the ministry this year or in the past, along with your giving receipts. If you financially gifted the ministry in the past year, please note that your contribution receipt is enclosed.

We both long to rightly express just how much your friendship and encouragement bless our lives. We pray over every gift and declare over every seed sown, from 2 Corinthians 9:10-12,

God give even more seed to you, increasing what you have, so that you have plenty to eat, plenty to give, and are blessed in every way. Many people thank God when we deliver your gifts. What you are doing is much more than a service that supplies God’s people with what they need. What you do by sowing enables others to come to know the love of God through Jesus Christ.’

Now, for all who receive our regular updates and those who hear from us just once yearly, greeting you from our new place in Branson, Missouri, here is the victory report of ministry activities this past year:

You may have noticed that we continue to upgrade all our websites; have been ranked as high as in the top 70,000 US and within the top 500,000 websites globally. Rankings mean increased reach! We also were honored to create several websites and do several web-remodels as our gift to other ministries.  

We ministered at seven church conferences this past year, officiated a wedding, a homegoing, and were featured speakers at the PA Wellness Expo. We also continued our online ministry and training. This year, God increased our known reach to more than 450,000 homes, in 19 countries, and had 250+ taking part in our recent online video series, The Ascent, at the first of this year!

Glory to God! The Word is being sown, your seed is being multiplied, and our ability to reach is increasing more and more. Together, our labors of love are touching lives, bringing the Word of His power for complete health to many people. And…

Flight arrangements are being made! Michelle begins getting her required immunizations tomorrow, with 7 shots scheduled over six weeks. (Pray for me!) She will be boarding the plane for Africa in less than 50 days now!

That’s right! In March 2013, we plan to do something we believe nobody has ever done before:  8 days of LIVE broadcasts with the GOD TV Team as we climb Mt Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. We start up on March 24th and reach the summit at sunrise Easter Resurrection morning!

Right now we are in faith for the final payment of $5000 to GodTV and another couple thousand for final equipment, immunizations, and arctic gear. We previously thought this would be due by mid-March, but today were informed that it was actually due January 22. But no worries! Favor provided for a gracious final extension to not later than February 28 (in their offices).

So, we are asking our prayer partners for your faith hooked with ours that "more than enough is coming in with plenty to give. Without hindrance, without delay, all in, and more every day! It is done now in Jesus’ Name!’

Our faith goal is actually to exceed greatly that amount to give much needed gifts to other rescue and relief ministries, delivering gifts to four additional charities to break the bondage of human trafficking, to provide food and clean water, and to reach the uttermost parts with the Gospel.

As it stands right now, only two women, including Michelle, will be on the international team of ministers making the climb on the world’s tallest free-standing mountain peak to the Summit, called "Uhuru" which means "Freedom".

At the Lord’s direction, we have called this project "climb 2 remember U" in memory of our daughter, Rachelle Wire, and now also Michelle’s father, Tom McDaniel, both having moved to heaven these past two years. With each step we remember that God is greater than every adversity, heartache, or illness. We climb to remember: Greater still is the Love of God for you.

This groundbreaking climb will be filmed for broadcast on GodTV and via the internet. We believe it will be a powerful prophetic act of faith that will encourage our friends and partners that you, too, by faith, empowered by great grace, can overcome the mountains in your lives!

Perhaps you are facing mountains even now. We are speaking to them with you to move, now! We are trusting God that this epic journey is inspiring others to acts of faith as God equips the Body for greater things, the working of the ministry – to Reach, Rescue, Restore, Redeem, Reveal… Christ.

As our banner is placed atop the mountain, we will prophetically speak to the many mountains which our partners are facing…Be moved, be CONQUERED in the Name of Jesus! 

Like the jet that will take Michelle to Africa, we are climbing higher quickly, increasing in altitude in our giving goals for 2013, but we need the extra engines of faith and financial partnership to kick in for lift off! Lillian B. Yeomans said it best, and we will say it again…

"The ‘age of miracles’ is now for the one who will dare to thrust out."

God is inviting whoever will hear and respond to be involved in His Plan, to be instilled with greater faith, and to be inspired to a deeper relationship with Jesus. United, let’s thrust out! And cause the law of gravity to yield to the law of LIFT!

This is the year for Extraordinary Lives… Extravagant Love (1 John 3:16, Rev 12:11). Let Love inspire you to be a doer of acts of faith! And mark your calendars to follow the climb March 24-31, at:

Enjoined and empowered by great Grace,

Dr. Ray and Michelle Pearson

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