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Merry Christmas from Dr Ray & Michelle

Merry Christmas from Dr Ray & Michelle

December 25, 2014


Dear friends, family, and beloved ministry partners,

Doc and I want to send each one of you our love and warmest Christmas greetings! You truly are all part of God’s greatest blessings in and on our lives.

We gathered with our precious family yesterday, our Christmas Eve Tradition, to share gifts, food, fellowship, and Holy Communion in remembrance of our Prince of Peace. As we continue today to celebrate the greatest gift given of Jesus our Savior, Doc and I are spending a quiet day together prayerfully lifting each and every one of you to the Lord.

With grateful hearts for your love in our lives, we are placing you into the hands of the Almighty God, praying for your refreshing by His Spirit, your encouragement in His promises, and your infilling with His Great Grace to equip you for everything the year ahead holds. Our hearts’ desire is that you walk in the fullness of the full measure of His Plan and purpose for your lives, knowing the length, breadth, depth, and heights of His Love for you. 

We pray that God’s people would be thoroughly equipped to minister and build up the body of Christ, that these ministries will continue until we are unified in faith and filled with the knowledge of the Son of God, until we stand mature in His teachings and fully formed in the likeness of Christ. We pray that by truth spoken in love, we all grow in every way into Him as He joins and holds together the whole body with its ligaments providing the support needed so each part works to its proper design to form a healthy, growing, and mature body that builds itself up in love, according to the effectual working of power in the measure of every part, making increase of the body unto the edifying in Love. 

Although we traditionally give a report of our year with our annual giving statements at the end of January, we want to acknowledge in this holiday note that, in many ways, 2014 was a year of great challenge for Doc and I. And, we know it was also for many of you. In fact, many of you are joined with us in a very grateful goodbye to 2014, I am sure! That is why we wanted to write to you in love today to speak an encouraging Word for the days ahead! As difficult as the challenges of 2014 may have been for us all, we choose to rejoice at how much greater the God within us prevailed! Our eyes are on the miracles of life, not the waves of challenge that endeavor to take our attention away from Christ and we encourage you also to have this point of view.

Our command for 2014 was, "Go! Make disciples, be fruitful and multiply!" And that is the glory of the year! In spite of challenges, what we call to remembrance about our year are the miracles, signs, and wonders! For example, how great a delight it has been to minister in His service this year through hosting our Hands for the Harvest weekly Men’s fellowship. The powerful prayers of a group of believing men gathering every Monday to read the Word, fellowship, and pray for other men in the Body – we truly have seen outstanding grace in action! 

The discipleship of Grace during the women’s expedition team was also extraordinary! So much more than just hiking, team members grew in our faith, our walk, our fitness for service to the Kingdom, but also in humility, in heart, and in passion for the souls we meet along life’s path. These outreaches, as well as the other wonderful assignments the Lord has given us in 2014, are what we rejoice over as the year closes because these events remind us both of God’s great grace and our love for all of you. 

As we look forward to a strong year ahead, we invite you to connect with us for some wonderful assignments in sharing His Gospel. Several areas are already developing and have been highlighted on our social media pages and the blog websites. If somehow you are not yet connected with us on the internet, please do! You can find the links to both our websites at the bottom of this letter. We would love for you to join us in daily conversations of His Grace and goodness on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  

While I am catching up with many of you… have you seen the new facelift on our educational website, The Picture of Health?  And, at the Lord’s direction, we are writing regularly again, hosting teleconferences, preparing to launch our Blog Talk Radio station for 2015, and are under construction with a whole new resource section of downloads and teaching resources, including a partners only section! 

Important Note: If you were previously on our newsletter email list, you may have noticed that you have no longer been receiving our updates. Last summer we engaged new security measures for our whole partner process in order to better protect our partner information and web visitors. Because of these additions, we have a brand new mailing list. Doc and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new website and for you to add your name to our email list once again. Because of privacy considerations, no one’s email from the previous list will be on the new one unless you visit the link provided here in this letter (or on the website) and confirm for us that you would like to receive our periodic updates. There are several free gifts you can register for as well in order to add your name to our email list, so watch for those as you browse! 

We also sent this Christmas greeting out by email from our personal email account where some of you have written us before. We greatly esteem your love and only want to share the joy of His works in the form of ministry correspondence as you desire. So again, in order to get ministry updates and continue to stay plugged in the harvest of what your seeds of love and financial gifts are doing in the Kingdom, please be sure to join the new email list at the bottom of this letter. And, we could sure use your help, as your heart leads you, to share this announcement with others whom you know like to get our updates but may not be in our personal email contact list. 

Before we close for the year, we have a gift for each of you to redeem in the New Year! Many of you have contacted me on Facebook to ask about our traditional New Year Picture of Health Bootcamp. I now have an answer for you…

YES! We are excited to announce that this January, our annual Picture of Health Bootcamp has been outfitted with a whole new capacity for serving, of helping you to seek God first, and to dramatically increase your implementation of revelation received!

We are celebrating OUR FIFTEENTH YEAR hosting the January event! The Lord has super-abundantly blessed us for this special anniversary by divine connection of four powerful speakers and success strategists. Yes, that’s right, four speakers coming together for a series of collaborative inspiring daily videos and emails! Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to present YOUR present (free gift)…

#BeStrong! Boot Camp 2015 – 21 Days of Inspiration –

with Intentional Insight for Increase in the Spirit, Soul, and Body


  • Begins January 1, 2015 (registration required)

  • Presented by 4 Power-filled Coaches: Success Strategist and "I Am Revival" Leader, Annie Byrne, Leadership Master Coach & Prophetic Minister of Grace, Dr Clarice Fluitt, Apostle, Author and Publisher, Andrea Dudley, and me, your Wellness Maven & His minister of Health and Healing, Michelle Pearson

  • 21 live video training segments delivered to you first thing every morning

  • 21 daily inspirational evening emails to help you feast on success and fast from negativity including…

  • 21 days of intent challenges to empower and encourage your stamina and success

  • 21 days of mentored insight and intent challenges to propel your strength and success into high gear for the whole year!

  • plus a BONUS: Exclusive Facebook community of participants to cheer you on as you train your steps to exceed and excel.

Be sure to register at the link right here:

Doc and I hope you will join us "virtually" and in the Spirit for this set-apart, consecrated time in January. We are also excited to have the honor of attending the KCM Ministers Conference again in 2015, so he and I will personally be finishing up our 21 days apart gathering with more than 2000 ministers and leaders in the Body of Christ hearing the Word and preparing to launch a strong, courageous New Year. Our intent is to be filled to overflowing with God’s Word in January, seeking Him first, lifting up our year, our partners, and our first fruits to the Lord; we will be returning by February 1 to release that Word in the power of His might to all of you and all those joined to our lives with new resources and BOLD, courageous vision for 2015!


We appreciate your love to us all year through! We send our sincere love and greetings this beautiful Christmas day with full hearts of faith for a strong New Year, In Him, bringing the light of Christ and His gift of faith, hope, and love to a hurting world.

Committed to His service and your edification,

Dr Ray & Michelle Pearson
Picture of Health, Inc / Hands for the Harvest Ministries

Training Mountain Takers to possess the land!
See you on the mountain tops! (Or, from them if you snooze!)  

P.S. New outreaches beginning January 1 and February 1! You can check out all the teams and current offerings of resources for all levels – we have something for everyone! Right here at this link:




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