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Merry Christmas from Dr Ray & Michelle

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December 25, 2014   Dear friends, family, and beloved ministry partners,   Doc and I want to send each one of you our love and warmest Christmas greetings! You truly are all part of God’s greatest blessings in and on our lives. We gathered with our precious family yesterday, our Christmas Eve Tradition, to share gifts, food, fellowship, and Holy Communion in remembrance of our Prince of Peace. As we continue today to celebrate the greatest gift given of Jesus our Savior, Doc and I are spending a quiet day together prayerfully lifting each and every one of you to the Lord. With grateful hearts for your love in our lives, we are...

January 2014 Partner Update Letter

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Hands for the Harvest Ministries Dr. Ray and Michelle Pearson  January 31, 2014 Dear friends and family,   We are so blessed to be walking through this life with you! Due to some unexpected happenings in January, we are a few days delayed in getting out our annual letter and your contributions receipts for 2013. We apologize to you. Thankfully, the "happenings" turned into healing miracles and we are now able to come to you with great rejoicing! So, let’s get to it!   If you have received our year-end partner report before, you may know it can be a bit lengthy to report the whole year’s harvest! Like Paul,...

Fooling Themselves

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Today we are taking a slight detour from our talks on gut health, although not completely unrelated since that does greatly influence today’s topic, the female reproductive system. In fact, most people are fooling themselves about the relationships between the health of the body’s interconnected systems. I cover this in greater detail in our powerful and in-depth trainings on the Endocrine System, but today I want to address this from another angle. This blog comes about really from outrage at the misinformation continually being put out as "expert" information on the internet.  (On a lighter note, please see the car insurance commercial posted in "On Google, Guessing, and Being...