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Website Design & Video Editing Services


In the ever expanding impact of media on ministry and business, your first impression is often your website or your social media page. Making these important first online connections doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive for startups or small business.

Not only is the first impression important, but in the online world, it can be very brief. So, you want to make a powerful first impression as well as a lasting impression so that potential audiences are attracted to stay longer, browse deeper, and return more often. The key is to choose media partners of like vision who can help you ‘ write the vision and post it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may be able to read it easily and quickly as they hasten by.’

We are excited to expand our reach by offering website design to outside clients! We specialize in WordPress for websites, including e-commerce; but we also offer social media automation and video editing services.

And new, beginning in 2015, we will be offering the addition of subscription e-learning modules to our clients who have courses, workbooks, or other educational products they want to showcase via their WordPress websites. Teaching coursework has never been easier, all within WordPress. With this addition, you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. Set lesson and course prerequisites, allow user registration and even charge for your course content if you want.

With 17 years in ministry and a strong background in technology, our heart is to help other ministries and Kingdom businesses ~ we call them Mountain Takers ~ increase their reach and results through the use of great technology. We love to see you grow and expand in whatever venue you are in, whatever mountain of influence you are assigned to. 

This is just another powerful way we can be a "hand" to other folks – whether in ministry or in the marketplace – going global!

Again, the platform we use for website design is called WordPress – the commercial version, not the free blog sites. That’s how we can turn things around so quickly, professionally, and have such great functional abilities in our designs. We invite you to see examples of different website designs at these links:

There are many ways the sites can be customized to fit your ministry or business requirements and a progressive fee structure that fits every budget. You may choose from 1, 2,or 3 column layouts, one of Elegant Themes standard themes or a premiere one, like Thesis. We also work with WooThemes, a premium theme vender and customize for your unique vision. You can add your social media connections, comments, blog abilities, videos, etc. as you desire and select the features you like best to make it fit your internet "personality" or branding.

Basic Website  –

  • This package does not include graphics, header design, or extra pages.
  • WordPress Installation at hosting provider.
  • Theme and Installation – includes free theme setup.
  • Thesis or Headway available at additional charge (cost of theme from vendor).
  • Setup of desired color scheme, menu system, and sidebar(s).
  • Insert your logo or header
  • *Logo & header design not included but we can provide that at as an add-on service.
  • Install Comment Spam Blocker – any fee for the blocker is your expense.
  • Custom Color-matched Social Icons to match site design.
  • Setup for Mobile access and "responsive" to various media devices so you look great everywhere!
  • Install Google Sitemap to help Google index your site and improve your rankings.
  • Teaching video provided on how to make basic changes, enter or update posts.
  • Includes three pages: the main Home page, Basic Contact page, and About Us page.

Intermediate Website –

  • Includes the above Basic Website plus…
  • Integrate with your Social Media accounts with bookmark buttons for "Like’s" and re-posting
  • Automate database backups.
  • Integrate Networked Blogs feature to automatically post links of your articles directly to Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • Includes setup of a total of 5 Site Pages and Main & Secondary Menu, including addition of text and 1 image per page; all content and images provided by client. (If you need images, we can find them and provide for you at the cost of image plus 10%, normally around $2.00 per image.)

Advanced Integrative Website –

  • Includes the above Basic & Intermediate Website features plus…
  • Addition of videos (client’s owned and supplied content)
  • Configure Permalinks – set up structure so your site page links are meaningful, keyword-based links.
  • Google Analytics integration so you can get detailed website traffic analysis.
  • Formatting of a total of 10 Site Pages or Subpages – includes addition of text and and 1 image per page (content provided by client).
  • Installation of the Wibiya toolbar.
  • Set up blog categories, monthly archives, and drop-down menus as needed.
  • Basic SEO Optimization,  metatags & keywords.
  • Internet Storefront, Shopping Cart, or Contributions Buttons are not included – these are available at extra cost; fees vary and depend on the site requirements.

website and video editing

Video & Audio Editing Services – Per Project Fee Service

Video project fees vary based on project requirements and amount of raw video footage. Fees below are rough estimates and may vary depending on your requests or special needs:

Basic Video Editing

  • $20.00 per minute of finished video / discounts for longer projects
  • $40.00 Minimum project fee
  • $50.00 additional rush fee for 24 hour service when available.
  • Maximum cut-down of raw footage is 75%, otherwise additional fees may apply. (For example, you supply 60 minutes of raw footage to be edited and cut down to a final video of 15 minutes. If you send 3 hours of footage for a 15 minute video, additional fees may apply for the selection and cropping of footage.)
  • Simple Editing only, without selection and cut-down, is $40.00 per hour.
  • Addition of intro music, intro titles, closing title included
  • Addition of transitions between clips as needed for smooth continuous footage included.
  • Client pays cost of transfer fees, where applicable.

Please Note: Photo Collage projects without video editing are much simpler and can be done by the hour for $40 per hour. This does not include scanning photos in, but we can do that for you also at the hourly rate. If you just need digital photos transferred into a video slideshow format, we can do that quickly and easily.